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Born and raised in Leeds Utah, country western music was the only thing people listened to. Dillon and his family grew up raising quarter horses for ranch work and rodeo events on Sagewood Ranches. Every morning started with milking cows, feeding animals, and mucking stalls. They would haul hundreds of hay bales from their own hay fields to feed horses through the winter. Their Quarter Horse program focused on maintaining and improving the best genetics of the breed. Most afternoons was set aside for training ranch raised colts. Dillon along with his siblings learned how to work hard and cowboy up. This lifestyle was "all we wanted to do and listen to". The Dodge pickup truck always had albums from Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley and many more amazing country artists.  

At the age of 6, Dillon started playing in in the family bluegrass band. Everyone at the Jones house started learning music early in life and would practice every moment they could. Dillon said, "every time my mom told me to clean my room, I would practice guitar instead. My mother would let me get away with it because, I was doing something productive. I always had a messy room but got pretty good at playing guitar."

Over the years Dillon had multiple opportunities to play with local St. George musicians including Tim Gates and Chris Peterson. On one occasion, he also opened for John Ford Coley and on another occasion played with the St George Symphony. 

Although country music is his passion, Dillon has been a successful businessman in the St. George area by growing a service based business. Running a business, raising horses, and a family occupies most of his time but, when he can, Dillon is playing and writing good old country western music. 

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