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The Jones family band is simply just that. Although working the ranch was the primary focus, music was a key element to the Jones family and was encouraged at a young age.

Cassidy, the eldest daughter, began playing fiddle when she was just six years old. Her music study began with Suzuki music training which prepared her for main roles as first chair in both High School and University orchestras. Apart from the Jones Family Band, Cassidy has played in various groups from quartets, the St. George Symphony, and even local bluegrass bands. She has spent many years teaching music and performing with the family. 

The main drummer is the father of the Jones family. He grew up in Northern Utah and began playing drums in High School. Throughout the years, he has played in local groups but primarily with the St. George Hubcaps. Brant is the owner and operator of Sagewood Ranches located in Leeds, Ut and primarily raises quarter horses for rodeo and ranch work. He also teaches at local High Schools. 

The main bass player is of course mom. She has music background in flute and also received a scholarship for playing flute at college. Along with helping manage the ranch, she is a successful florist in the area being the owner and operator of Tiffany's Floral. Her love of county music is closely accompanied by her love of western swing dancing. She used to be a western swing dancing instructor.

Dillon, Cassidy, Mom and Dad are the main contributors to the Jones Family Band performances. On occasion, other local musicians accompany on various instruments such as steel guitar.  

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